By Phone

The IRCAS 24-hour telephone
payment line is available by calling
0870 067 1303.

Once connected, select Option 1 and have your Penalty Fare or Unpaid Fare Notice ready.


Redirect to Independent Revenue Collection and Support (IRCAS) to make a secure Payment

Please have your Penalty Fare or Unpaid Fare Notice ready before completing the following payment pages.

Payments Accepted

Make a Secure Payment

By Post

Post cheques or postal orders to
IRCAS, Regus, Building 1000 Lakeside, Western Road, Portsmouth, PO6 3EZ.

Please ensure that your payment is payable to IRCAS and that you write the number of your penalty fare notice or unpaid fare notice on the reverse.

More info

Great western railway

You are unable to make payment of Great Western Railway Penalty Fare Notices with IRCAS and you must make payment as directed by your appeal response